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The South East CrossFit Affiliate Summit!


Jackie 6/2

Greg 6/4

Ron 6/4

Karl 6/7

Sean J 6/11

Katie 6/15

Jana 6/17

Laura 6/18

Monica 6/20


This is an annual gathering of Affiliate owners/general managers and CrossFit HQ employees to get together and talk about what’s happening in the box and at HQ. *HEADS UP COACHES! WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEND ALL COACHES TO THESE MOVING FORWARD! It is no longer only for the owners and GM’s, they have always capped it at 2 people prior to now! We cannot wait to send coaches who have never experienced such a thing! Continued education is the way we sharpen our skills, widen our scope, deepen our understanding of how to coach everyone we have in the gym and of course get better at CORRECTING MOVEMENTS.

~100 owners and GM’s gathered to talk about the state of CrossFit’s brand, direction, health & future, learn best business practices and develop new coaching skills. Not only do we get to ask questions to some of the most tenured CF employees in a vary direct manner, we all got to have some fun! The purpose of these summits are to help build community amongst box owners, be provided with the latest support available, give us some coaching mentorship, and of course FIRE US UP SO WE CAN BE OUR BEST when we get home!

This year we had the pleasure of meeting two amazing coaches, Denise Thomas & Austin Malleolo. Both who have led and instructed around 400 CF-L1 & L2 seminars EACH! The knowledge they both have, and are incredibly willing to share, is PRICELESS! They both have 10+ years of experience owning CF boxes, coaching, selling/buying boxes and everything else!

This was an amazing experience full of info and fun! Coach Whit and myself both came home with overlapping yet different ideas and take aways. We will share these ideas with our coaches at our next coaches meeting!

We will always attend these summits. Our coach staff will always be looking to become their best. Coach development, character development, business development, you name it, we want to do it uncommonly well.

Be the first to screenshot this picture, circle Whit and myself (we are next to each other) and text it to Coach Andy to win something out of our retail store!

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