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We meet you right where you are

What’s the greatest vision you have for yourself? That’s what we’re here to build. Fitness isn’t about being good at the gym; rather, it’s about having the confidence to do whatever gets you fired up. You train in here so you can be great out there.

We’re the coaches at Lineage CrossFit

Our dedicated team of experienced coaches is the heart and soul of our gym. Each coach brings their own unique skill set, background, and enthusiasm to help you master new techniques, overcome obstacles, and reach new heights in your fitness journey.

Who We Are…

At Lineage CrossFit we believe that CrossFit is much more than a sport, it’s also a community. Our lineage dates back to the origin of CrossFit. Rooted in functional movement, grit and friendly competition, the culture grew. As the roots of the tree ground us, the limbs grow and evolve into the affiliates across the globe.

Each one is unique. Each one creates something special. Each one continuing the commitment to serving the community and accepting everyone for who they are. At Lineage CrossFit we are excited to honor those before us who laid the path so we can light the way for those who come next. We can’t wait to meet you and have you join our community.

We’re on a Mission

At Lineage CrossFit we know we are at our best when we are surrounded by like minded people dedicated to reaching their full potential. Our purpose is to provide a safe, professional and welcoming environment that meets each athlete where they are while fostering growth in athletic ability, a healthy mindset and knowledge of the sport.

Our Community

​Our membership base is broad, inclusive and welcoming. When you walk in you will see someone just like you!

Our Facility

We are neighbors to a Clearwater Police sub station and feel safe in our neighborhood knowing they are next door as we operate in early mornings and after the sun sets.

Lineage CrossFit is equipped with a 5,000 square foot workout space that encompasses our main floor, two bathrooms, water fountain and warmup/cool down area for the community. We have four large fans to keep the air moving and two large retractable shades at the back doors to block the sun!

What our members are saying…

Try the last gym you’ll ever join

Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned athlete our team will show you how to push the limits of what you thought you were capable of, all while having a kick ass time!