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Jackie 6/2

Greg 6/4

Ron 6/4

Karl 6/7

Sean J 6/11

Katie 6/15

Jana 6/17

Laura 6/18

Monica 6/20


We are half way through June and that means that it is PRIDE month & that we are gearing up for our COMMUNITY WORKOUT!

*Our pride shirts shipped Friday so we should have them with perfect timing!!!!

Want to donate to OUT Foundation hit this link.

All are welcome! Any of your friends or family that has never worked out with us before will need to sign a waiver BEFORE they arrive. I don’t want to have to rack down people and gat the to sign waivers the morning of, I WANT TO HAVE FUN WOTH YALL! SO please, make certain they SUBMIT the waiver properly!

The workout will not be complex so new people won’t have to learn much!

We will put the waiver link on our FB page!

If you are not on FB text Coach Andy or Coach Whit and we will send it to you!

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