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*Mat Hotho finds out MONDAY if he is going to the CrossFit Adaptive Championship!




Jackie 6/2

Greg 6/4

Ron 6/4

Karl 6/7

Sean J 6/11

Katie 6/15

Jana 6/17

Laura 6/18

Monica 6/20


MURPH was amazing! You are all awesome! We had a great day memorializing every man and woman who paid the ultimate sacrifice.


Thank you for being a part of my dream! I love what I do for a living.

Thank you to the community at large, whether you are new this month or you have been here since the beginning!

Thank you to Coach Whit for believing in Kelly and I and for committing to LCF. It has been an adventure thus far!

This year’s success is from our coaches getting uncomfortable and continuously learning. The multiple coach development meetings and the passion they already have for the community has really stepped up their game! It is because of them that Kelly, Whit and myself are able to step back a bit and continue to strive towards the standard we are all accustomed to!

Our team and our community are seriously top notch!

I love you all!

Also, we partied!


Short story, everyone should get the L-1.

We love CrossFit, right? The average time someone will do CrossFit for is currently 3-4 years (everyday CrossFit expands on this range).

SO! Hear me out, we workout 4-6 days a week for years, right?! Shouldn’t we know a little more about the sport outside of the wall of LCF and the GAMES?

We do CrossFit because we want to become the best version of ourselves as we can be. We change how we, sleep, eat, train, party, to become better. What we do not do, what CrossFit trying to change, is the idea that you can only get the L-1 if you plan to coach. I really think this should change too.

We should be learning about the sports methodology: why the programming might only be running for the day, or only a heavy day. Learn why we don’t program weightlifting and a metcon everyday.

Coaching is a part of the CrossFit methodology. So is working on all of the ten general physical skills.


What is fitness PART 1: 10 General Physical Skills.

What is fitness PART 2: The metabolic pathways.

What is fitness PART 3: The Hopper.

What is fitness PART 4: Sickness, Wellness, Fitness continuim.

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